Thursday, May 18, 2006

Looking for someone… ;;)

Introduction – With most of the school and college friends getting involved in some or other kind of a relationship, am wondering what next? They have stopped spending much time with me…yeah poor me :(. That gives me more time to sit alone and listen to my thoughts. So all the people struck by the cupid (even those who are in perfect senses)…this is an attempt to write something partly romantic for the first time.
So “writer is learning” [‘L’ board], please read at your own risk :P
Still hope you have a safe journey!


The surroundings have changed…everything seems pink!
I listen someone dear…say this to me!
As I turn around towards the chirpy soul’s side
I just can’t help noticing smile on the lips…and twinkle in the eyes!

Nothing has happened…nothing has changed
What’s the matter with you…I ask in amaze?
I’ve found someone whose caring, understanding, mature,
humorous, cool and sweet
Oh how much I miss that dear…oh when will we meet!

There’s no point listening to someone who’s in a trance
Without hearing to any music…whose feet just dance!
But then I think…I wonder
Is there something I miss…I should really ponder!

Ok…so what is that I am looking for in the so-called “soul mate”?
Maybe listing it down can make the task a bit easier…
and give me a more decisive fate!

Perfection is boring…coz it never lets one improve!
Too much care is bugging, as it never lets one grow!
But then aren’t these the typical qualities that one looks for?
At least I have heard this from people who have traveled...
the ‘dream world’ quite afore!

Is it necessary to have something in mind?
Cant it be just like…two people meet and everything’s just fine!
But maybe there is phase, as they say, one has to go through
Oh God please bless me and save me all the work I need to do :P

Maybe I am searching for something…may be I am not
Its kind of strange why I haven’t given it that much thought!
But as of now to tell you the fact…no matter how naive it be…
I am looking for someone…with whom I can be me :)


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Monday, May 15, 2006

Meeting Dhruv, Sizzling Brownie Sundae, ON@TCC etcetera...:D

Don’t even dare to guess by the post’s name as to what it is all about :P.
Actually had been to Mumbai last weekend. So it’s mainly about the things I did there!

The prime motive behind the visit was to meet Dhruv. Wondering who’s he? Well...well…one of my most best school friends gave birth to a baby boy. She’s gonna fly back to Japan anytime next month. So had to meet the little one :) . Boy…the kiddo is really very active, very observant and very demanding :P. It’s always nice to become a kid along with smart, naughty little ones.

The second reason to visit South Mumbai is my little cousin. On his demand we went to this restaurant called “Cream Centre”, opposite Girgaon Chowpatty. And what were we supposed to have…Sizzling Brownie Sundae (yummy, right?). I had no idea what to expect…but the name itself was too attractive. So what’s SBS all about --- its all about devouring on “chocolate”… =P~. The waiter brought a sizzling pan with a triangular brownie and a scoop of vanilla placed on the brownie. And what he did next was interesting (when you charge an amount for something you can’t justify, make sure it at least looks grandeur :P) …he poured the chocolate sauce on the vanilla scoop. And it sizzled…well it had roasted almonds in it…bubbles of the hot chocolate fumed the air…fizz!!! It took some time for the whole stuff to come to room temperature and then we indulged into licking, eating and enjoying it :). It’s worth a try…too much cocoa for sure!!! As my cousin commented – “no chocolate is too much chocolate!”

So had a decent weekend. And as far as ON@TCC is concerned…read it on my journey back-and-fro…hope you already guessed it – its “One Night @ The Call Centre”. It made a better read than “Five Point Someone” (aka FPS) – the first book by Chetan Bhagat. Well 3/4th of the book sucked like FPS…but the end was good…call from GOD...interesting :). Maybe this reader likes to read stories that have something more than just entertainment (?!) in them :D.

Etcetera --- that’s for the other mundane things done there!

Monday, May 01, 2006


Amrita means
- "immortal" i.e. [a, not + mrita, death] and it is the name of the nectar of the Gods
- "elixir of youth"