Thursday, November 01, 2007

Dancin’ to the rhythm :)

I have always wished
Let rhythm flow down my feet

But for reasons unjustifiable
It’s been a distant dream
To be surrounded with all the people
And swing to the enthralling tunes

It’s different when I am alone
All involved in the world of my own
Where the raindrops set the score
And the winds cajole me to join the floor!


The days when the sun shines bright
The blue skies make boogie such a delight
The noisy waterfalls add tempo to the space
And the feet just know how to pace!

The night whispers slowly
The moonlight spreads its magic
The breeze flirts with the tresses
And the heart feels every beat!

His world is full of melody
Harmonious and charming
Where the beautiful compositions keep playing
Be it shining or drizzling


Yes, I have always let the rhythm flow down my feet
And desired those enthralling tunes to take over the senses
But it’s never happened until today
Coz, like those caring winds, no one ever asked me to join the floor!