Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I want to believe ... :-|

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Just a mile… extra

You see them, you believe them
Now the time has come for you to live them
… Your dreams

You have done it before
Though the waters weren’t calm, you reached the shore
You just have to remember what took you so afore
… Your determination

Every day isn’t the same
Satisfaction has always been more important to you than fame
This has never let you get accustomed to the monotony of the game*
… Your diligence

Last effort of yours might not have given you expected pride
But you took it pretty well in your stride
Don’t forget that someone almost cried
… Your well-wisher

Promise that you won’t forget the mantra
… You have to travel - just a mile… extra

* Used as a metaphor

Friday, April 21, 2006

The “not-so-lucky” ugly ducklings … :|

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the post are not solely of the blogger. As always, many people and surroundings have played the most important role in the culmination of the ideas put forth here.
Do you know the tale of the ugly duckling?

To cut the long story short – it’s about a little beautiful swan that is hatched by a mother duck. The swan offspring thinks his ugly ‘coz he isn’t like the creatures around him. He leads a miserable life only to find out much later that he is not a duckling, but a swan!

Well… the creature finally got the identity that he had lost, rather never had!
What about the “not-so-lucky” ugly ducklings… all around?
People who never know what their worth is? People who are just born, who breathe till they are alive (?) and who die. But then who thinks about them?

Maybe it’s not all about hard work and efforts one puts in…that one gets returns for. There is certainly more to it. You might be a good person within, but how good are you when it comes to your external appearance? You think external appearance doesn’t mind, if yes, it’s high time you stop kidding with yourself. Come out of the make-belief world of yours! Face the fact - face it that you are ugly. Don’t know whether it is good or bad to be ugly because judging something, which is beyond one’s reach, seems a bit vague task, doesn’t it?

But then if life had been so just would you ever imagine how heaven must be like!!! It’s a confused world out there…it’s very, very blurred! The moment you believe looks don’t matter, you shall be faced with a situation, which shall prove it to you that it does matter a lot! It’s not what you think, how friendly you are, how helpful you are, or any other thing. Things boil down to the tangible part, sadly though!

First you sent me here
When I was not so keen to leave my Dear
Then you just ostracize me for no good reason
And they say You are with us no matter what time, what day, what season!