Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Just a mile… extra

You see them, you believe them
Now the time has come for you to live them
… Your dreams

You have done it before
Though the waters weren’t calm, you reached the shore
You just have to remember what took you so afore
… Your determination

Every day isn’t the same
Satisfaction has always been more important to you than fame
This has never let you get accustomed to the monotony of the game*
… Your diligence

Last effort of yours might not have given you expected pride
But you took it pretty well in your stride
Don’t forget that someone almost cried
… Your well-wisher

Promise that you won’t forget the mantra
… You have to travel - just a mile… extra

* Used as a metaphor


At Tuesday, April 25, 2006, Anonymous Amit said...

illustrated the importance of the 3 Ds in life brilliantly..well written..:);;)..likhte jao..likhte jao..blogspot ke gun gaaye jao..:-j

At Thursday, May 04, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

These Words are thoughts of somebody.
Somebody walkthrough this way.
But u gave remembrance to lot of struggler.
Everything counts in life this is true.
Single step plus single step but with some well wisher becomes one day bigger man.
By Tarun Maheshwari

At Friday, May 12, 2006, Anonymous Hemant said...

Excellent writeup. Keep that xtra mile of words flowing up everyday.


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