Monday, March 06, 2006

The Making of…Resume

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NB: It’s about a fresher resume… so the reader might have to go into flashback ;;)
Resume = A summary of your academic and work history

After engineering what? Job-hunt…what else…at least for most of the people, who believe that books don’t teach one as much as practical life can

Getting a job mostly involves clearing some test (mostly aptitude and/or technical) and interviews (if at all you clear the test – zyaadatar Delhi dur hoti hain … :-S ).

For giving the test one needs to apply for the job – you do that by sending your resume.
(Achha hua maine batah diya varna pataah hi nahin chalta :P).

To send something you should first have it. [Though this is not always true ;)]

And thus begins the Herculean task (?!) of preparing a resume.

Mostly one ends up asking for help/guidance from elder siblings or seniors. You ask them for “tips” to make the resume as attractive as possible. The so-called toppers of the class do this thing way ahead of others. Once the International Edition* is ready, the Indian Edition ** is also made. Then the reprints *** are some how completed.

Enough of classification, the point is everyone has a document which tells about the skills and good characteristics of the person. The skills are those which the individual may not necessarily posses but are definitely a part of the curriculum.

Its only while making a resume does one realize that he is
Intelligent [huh…when was the last time someone called him that?],
Hard working [gathering journals from the ‘bheju log’ is nothing less than hard work, is it???],
Loves to meet new people and make friends [“actually hunting, but accidentally bumping into” the only guy who has completed the toughest assignment requires loads of non-technical skills],
Has participated in many competitions [its not about winning or losing, what’s important is that one participates – sportsmanship you know] and many more.

Taking all the care that one can, one ends up with 2 –3 pages, which are now to be sent to the prospective people. In all the above hoopla, the thing that matters the most is the academic score. Criteria for recruitment like “60% throughout”, ”above 70%” are killing L. No matter how much flowery you make the document, the numbers outshine everything.

Maybe the task has been exaggerated but then it does take place once in everyone’s career. The nervous energy with which one enters the corporate world is something, no one can forget, no matter how many years experience one might gain.

Kudos to all the efforts one puts in to prove oneself to everyone, but most importantly, oneself.


* Resume of a genuinely sincere + intelligent guy who everyone believes will be the first one to get the job.

** Resume of an average guy who waits for the best people to get the job so that “aglaa number uska hi aayega”.

*** Resume of a guy who doesn’t know whether he will be eligible for the job after the results are declared or will end up strengthening the basics again.


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At Tuesday, March 07, 2006, Blogger Rohit Joshi said...

Very nicely written, and very true.You have done your homework thoroughly for this one.But the only drawback is its length.No no, its not long, in fact it is too short and brief.

well hope for more calls for u, n best of luck for interview

At Monday, May 01, 2006, Anonymous sahil said...

very well written...gud sense of humor...interesting, will go thru other write-ups soon...cheers


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