Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Digital Fortress

Continuing the reading spree, the blogger has read this new breath-taking novel written by whom other than Dan Brown.

Dan Brown is a master at creating intrigue. It is amazing the way he unfolds the story, the characters, the plot, the minute details, the information … in short, almost everything.

The story begins with death of a character and what follows is nothing less than a roller-coaster ride. One-by-one things start getting out-of-control and there is no way to escape the ugly fate. There are these moments when one just ends up thinking – what next? Believe it or not, but it is a book to be read in 2 days…because it’s tough to keep oneself waiting to know how the story will end.

The characters and their behavior have been carved well. Susan Fletcher, David Becker and Trevor Strathmore are the prime people around whom the story revolves. As the name suggest, there has to be something related to computers in the story – here, it’s about encryption! This very angle to the story is what might deviate someone trying to find out the suspense.

The commendable thing, which any one will observe about the writing style, is that it adds something to one’s knowledge bank. The larger-than-life description of buildings and places brings up the actual structure in front of your eyes. You are in unison with the characters --- you are someone with them…a silent companion observing all and yet knowing nothing. Once again the italicized text has been used to convey thoughts, fire puns, generate humor --- really inspired by this style :D.

Also what surprised me is the usage of certain phrases, which I normally use viz., clash-of-the-titans, one-man-show. This made me a bit happy…reading really high-quality (read cabalistic) phrases and staring blankly at the text is very boring. One enjoys more if one is in sync with what’s going on rather than praising the writer’s vocabulary knowledge.

The oldest trick in the book to write a suspense has been used --- if you get what it means, this was a spoiler (hehe… hope you don’t hold any grudges against this reader)

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