Monday, August 08, 2005

About friends and friendship...

And so the unexpected happened…we were all together – yeah all of us – was it a dream? Even if it was, it was beautiful :)

Well…had a great friendship day on 7th Aug 2005. Too much of planning ruins the activity – once the objective is clear – things fall in place. Just like any group not being able to decide where to eat, those exchanges of SMS’ increasing the confusion and finally deciding to meet at a common point…all took place.

We were all too bored about going to those typical restaurants on FC and JM Road, wanted a change of locale and so decided to go to some place in Pune Camp. Actually, we ended up in a restaurant called “The Place”…hmm…coincidence. There we had sizzlers, coz they only serve sizzlers. It was nice – we were talking, eating, taking snaps (on second thoughts, mobiles are not that bad) and having a good time. Then there was this Barista outlet nearby The Place, our next destination. A friend mentioned on the way about India vs WI match…and we ended up seeing the last 14 balls. (yippee…India won!) I am not too much a coffee-person (ended up having Heavenly Mocha, it was bitterly bitter). So Barista – first and last time, I guess!

Now it was time to return back to home after few (relatively infinite) quality moments of love, faith, trust and friendship.

So people let’s keep meeting…

I like interacting with people, knowing them and in general, chatting (they say I am a chatterbox…actually when they are with me, they give me complex!)

I don’t know much about friends and friendship – but I feel friends are the people who kind of complete you. You can’t be everything – simple, indifferent, beautiful, understanding, cricket-lover, frank, intelligent and logical thinker – so what – you can always be surrounded by people who are, isn’t it?

Here’s wishing we are always together – though not in person, but in thought, mind and soul.

In life, God doesn’t give you people you want.
Instead He gives you people you need;
to love you,to hurt you, to teach you, to make you exactly
what He wants you to be –“the BEST”


At Thursday, August 11, 2005, Blogger jedith said...

Boerdom is one of the greatest pains I ever experience.

At Saturday, August 13, 2005, Blogger abnegator said...

Nice, you guys had fun on the day...well, u are fond of chatting then buzz me sometime...let me know ur id or will let u know mine if u feel like. And yes about barista..dont take it that depends on people with whom u go with to that place..cofee is pretty good...I bet if you went with would want going again..Ahem..ahem..said too much I guess..anyways...good to see u back..keep blogging. Cheers, :thumb:

At Monday, August 15, 2005, Blogger s! said...

glad to hear you had a good time.. belated Happy Friendship Day!!

At Wednesday, August 17, 2005, Blogger Amrita said...

jedith - same here :|

abnegator - hmm... ;;)
wat shall i say - was expecting first 4 comments to come from the ppl i am talking about in this blog...was extremely pleased to hear from you guys...btw, jedith -u r a first-time visitor...
barista - i never knew its all abt ppl n not coffee :))
n yes...abnegator ur guess is absolutely correct...if my friends read dis they'll kick me :))

S! - didn't knew that a badshaah of blogging is still reading dis newbie's posts... felt happy :)
Belated Happy Friendship Day to you too! [u make ur readers feel that they have moral responsibilty of making sure to listen to your entire saga of i-have-to-complete-this-damn-thesis :)) ]
if i am not wrong, u r a born MBA already - an interesting story maker...

At Thursday, August 18, 2005, Anonymous abhishek_padmanabh - ym handle said...

Yes right barista is all about people..but its not that its not about coffee..its about that too. My guesses are almost always correct...:D

At Tuesday, August 30, 2005, Anonymous Shraddha said...

Nice one..
Written by Heart... isnt it?
it reminded me a lot of Quality moments with my close frnds...
Thanks Amrita!!
Keep the good work going.... :-)

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