Tuesday, May 10, 2005


I never knew that my world would change all of a sudden, that too, because of the internet. It might sound strange as to how the change began.

The reason was ‘posting resumes’. Sounds funny but that’s the truth. As I was on the look out for a job (thank God I waited for my engineering to get complete, else for some one like me who always wanted to work in a MNC, the wait was killing), one of the things added to my daily chore was – mailing resume to companies.

Here, I would like to thank the ‘bandwidth’ that we get to surf the net. Had it not been time-consuming for the resume to get attached to the mail and then be sent, I would have never looked for ‘in-between’ activity. No prizes for guessing the activity – it is chatting.

I always knew that I could hold long conversations in almost any topics – that is because I believe people are source of knowledge as well. A meaningful conversation with a person on a topic is far more beneficial than reading a book on the same topic. Practical experience is what matters. It’s like you cannot learn swimming by reading a book on “How to learn swimming” you have to get into the pool for that. Besides my friends always made sure I knew what I was - a ‘chatterbox’

Thus began my journey into the cyber world. Initially, it took a lot of time in deciding whom to actually chat with. But to my surprise, I found lot of engineers on-line and that really broke the ice. Talking with someone who is from your domain is always easier. Slowly but steadily I started making lot of chat friends, some who were studious, some who were nerds and some who were cool. It was amazing to know that most of them were introverts in ‘real’ life.

Chatting has given me new friends, people whom I haven’t seen but very close to my heart. It’s amazing how technology works. It has always been human nature to shy away from sharing the deep intricacies of the heart. I don’t know why people (including me) don’t find it too comfortable to share a lot of things with people who are around them. May be the fear of being ‘not understood’ or ‘misunderstood’ is the main reason.

I hope to continue chatting and making more and more friends. Chatting has added a whole new dimension in my life. All my chat friends, thank you for being there and hope we will meet face-to-face some day.


At Tuesday, May 10, 2005, Blogger Shrikrishna said...

Boon from one perspective could be bane from another. No denying for benifits like interacting with people around the globe, knowledge sharing etc.

But, wait... beware... did you say, "you are comfortable sharing intricacies of heart with people you_have_not_even_seen?"

Think again. Is that person really understanding you?

The very thing that makes you comfortable to talk anything without hesitation, is THE thing that can allow person sitting at other end to cheat you!

At Monday, August 14, 2006, Blogger Nayana said...

Chatting -a medium of interaction. No doubt.

But chatting with strangers is really shocking for me.

Is is so important to share thoughts? that can't live without it? as someone is choosing unknown person for doing that.

I think its a mental need than sharing knowledge afterwords.

May be in other words addiction.

At Thursday, September 06, 2007, Blogger Vimalbasker said...


Whether a person lives without chat.....?
If it was it may be a miracle in this Modern Age world.
Ms.Amrita ur sentance "swimming cannot achieved on reading the book,it needs practical exeperiance"invoked me to have friends for chating.
i was came up to this blog unfortunately but on seeing ur posts it made to post comment...


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