Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Why did the chicken cross the road? (wdtcctr)

I heard the phrase “wdtcctr” first time on Cartoon Network. (I am quite a couch potato and end up watching even Tiny TV :P, courtesy – my little cousin)

The phrase sounded very interesting and at the same time very questioning. Initially, I believed it was related to some cartoon. To my surprise, it wasn’t. (My Little Cousin made it a point that I get my basics right)

Then all was forgotten. It was few days back that I encountered the same phrase, this time on the internet while usual browsing. This fictitious (?) question had probable answers …I believe they are fictitious ones…they are humorous and exhibit the nature of the individual who is supposed to have answered them.

I have been thinking…what must have been the origin of this phrase? Did any one ever ask this question? Why was this question raised? Is this a rhetorical question? Oops…so many questions about a single question!!!

I did try to find out the origin of the phrase (or question, ok…now I am a bit confused) but haven’t found anything yet. So I have come up with a story to satisfy my curiosity.

Long time ago (don’t think when…this is the way stories are supposed to begin) a couple owned poultry. They were happy with all their chickens. (This is what I mean by originality of ideas) Suddenly one day, one of their chickens died in a road accident. The chicken was crossing the road when it collided with a car and died on the spot.

The matter was taken to the court and the lawyer ended up asking this question. (Who else do you think can raise such an “intelligent”(?) question). To save the convict anything can be asked. After a lot of argument, the poor couple decided to accept the money the convict was ready to give them, provided they blamed the chicken and not him.

So the case ended - the couple said that the chicken crossed the road because it thought jaywalking is illegal and so it didn’t wait for the signal to turn red.

Sometimes I don’t question things
Which give me pleasure and my thoughts the wings


At Friday, May 20, 2005, Blogger abnegator said...

Thanks .. me dint even know the origin. Quite enlightening :)

Keep up and enjoy life !


At Monday, May 23, 2005, Blogger Amrita said...

In case, anyone knows about the "actual" origin, I'd love to know it.

At Tuesday, May 24, 2005, Blogger s! said...

lol @ your comment about lawyers! :-))


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