Monday, July 25, 2005 He created...

They Say: God cannot be everywhere so He created Mother
I believe : God wants to be everywhere so He created Mother

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Just a thought...nothing in particular

I was skimming through an on-line article.
Something struck me then...and here it is:

1 First we want to share the information
2 So we make the new (?) net
3 Then we make the net work
4 When the net works, we want to play with it
5 We forget that the net was meant only to 'work' and not 'play'
6 But the net remembers the reason for its existence
7 So it can only 'work'
8 So we upgrade the net
9 Now the net can play as well as work
10 We enjoy working and playing with the net
11 A time comes we get bored with the monotonous 'work and play'
12 Now we want the net to think
13 So we once again upgrade the net
14 Now the net can work, play and think
15 We feel we are the creator of an amazing object
16 But now we miss out a point
17 The net can now think
18 The net starts thinking
19 It stops you from doing the same
20 The net was upgraded to play
21 It stops you from playing
22 The net was made so that it could work
23 It stops you from working
24 So once again we start (!) thinking (?)
25 What should be done about the net's changed behavior?
26 To begin with... go to line 1

PS: The net possesses the characteristic -> it can trap...what???...Depends :

They say life is a vicious circle
So was it like this or someone made it like this?
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