Friday, June 24, 2005


“Don’t stick bills”. (Painted on walls)

“Don’t play cricket over here”. (Painted on boundary wall of a playing ground)

“Sorry No Smoking Please”. (Can been seen at n number of public places)
Sorry – seems the people who wrote this want to express regret or sorrow of curbing someone’s freedom (??) of performing the act (Just for ref: crime is also an act) of smoking
No Smoking – actual instruction (?)
Please – polite request (Really can’t understand why requests should always be polite, why can’t they be straight forward or even blunt.)

Conclusion: To tell a 2 word message, 2 more words are too be written (On second thoughts, isn’t it like start and stop bit, within which the actual data to be transmitted is encoded.)

Above are just a few examples, which show how all the time we are told not to do something. It is amazing that right from our childhood, we are told don’t do this, don’t do that. Hello, will anyone please tell what should be done. Remembering what should not be done is tough!

Wait for a second…pause…wait…don’t look to your right…no, please, don’t look to your right…it might not be good…please don’t look…
[In case you ended up looking to your right, :D ].

It’s strange but I have observed people doing things they are prohibited from. It is human to do so I guess. (When they cannot explain things, they say this, don’t they?) The thing could be as trivial as not going for a party, or could be as critical as not committing some offense.

From what my theory says (I am not an original, I am from the inspired class ;), the surroundings and people inspire me), when the ear listens about something the brain starts thinking about it, that is obvious even I know – but the point I want to convey is following. All the time n number of thoughts keep flashing through the brain. So when some thing new pops up, the brain requires little time to grasp it, understand it and then perform the activity. So when someone says, “No you are diabetic, don’t have Rasmalai (it is a name of sweet)”, the brain is totally active when the word Rasmalai is said…and then…you want to eat it… J).
[Hey you didn’t even hear the word diabetic… :P]

Won’t it be better to say what should be done? Starting with negativity is not acceptable to most of the people. They feel someone is ruling them, trying to control them, taking away their freedom. Everyone has one life to live and they want to live it to the fullest. At least one should be under the impression that he/she is living life on his/her terms. (People tend to believe what they are, is because of their acts and not because of their faith).

It is not easy to change one’s habit…but let’s hope anyone, who tries to do that for a good purpose, is successful.

I want to learn everyday
I want to grow everyday
If only you would hold my hand and showed me HOW
I want to live everyday

I know that life isn’t all that beautiful as you said
But that was the time when I was too young to understand
I am in no hurry to reach the destination yet
It’s enough for me that we are together and we met


Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Being EGL – too demanding, not-so rewarding

“It is always the best policy to speak the truth - unless, of course, you are an exceptionally good liar.”

An exceptionally good liar (EGL) – interesting person…if you know he is an EGL, he loses his identity.

It must be tough to be an EGL. (Any EGL/was-EGL-until- reading this, you can share your experience by posting a comment on this blog as Anon, sympathy is always there with you, though this is not a helpdesk at all) First you have to lie and then no one should believe that you lied. Also, they say to hide one lie, you have to say 100 more. So much of burden on the poor soul!!!

Besides every one cannot be an EGL – you really need to have a good memory - because you have to remember what you said the last time, isn’t it? And once you have mastered lying, there are so many people and so many lies. You are competing with yourself to prove that – “No, I can never be caught.” (Competing with others is not that tough – you can always have “grapes are sour” attitude or play-the-blame-game strategy. When you are the convict as well as the judge, its all together another ball game)

It takes efforts to lie (as mental, and sometimes even physical energy is required in the process), and when all is done, there is no one to say “well done”. If someone even doubts you lied, you are not an EGL in the real sense.

In case, you are an EGL and someone comes to know of it, you’ve lost that someone who believed you, loved you, listened to you, and was by your side, especially during tough times. For that someone, now whenever you speak you spin a yarn. (though you are not into textile industry)

So it’s like - Heads I win, tails you lose.