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Disclaimer: The post is a work of pure fiction. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. Once again…some people are responsible for the inspiration that made this post possible.

NB: Knowledge of assembly language is advantageous :-j.
In case it’s missing, common sense should help the reader sail through :D.

G was sitting alone, sipping her favorite drink at her favorite hangout. A roadside eatery with wooden chairs and tables was quite a favorite among the habitués. There was a huge umbrella placed besides every corresponding table, which provided shady comfort during the warm afternoons. Most of G’s idle time was spent there.

The sun was waving good-bye and the gentle breeze had just arrived. The blushing sky was making everything around look more rose-colored.

G was quite a friendly face around. She had this sweet smile, which she definitely passed on to people who gave her positive vibes. People can rarely guess what’s going on in your mind when they see you just plainly smiling at them, for no specific reason. Still smiling is better than just staring into any one’s face… you make them conscious about themselves or worse, you scare them.

Like any other girl, G was quite individualistic. G’s job left her little leisure but she would make the most of it. Sipping a favorite drink and just gazing at nature’s creations… what else would one want after a tiring day!

It was not the first time G saw him. Of late, he was a regular to the place. He carried some kind of anxiety along. Maybe some work pressure or something else. G was quite in awe of his looks and personality. His exuberant charm!!!

At times, he did glance out of the corner of his eye. Maybe this wordless talk, which the hearts have when they are about to act in concert, had begun. Life would be rosier soon…G thought. Knowing each other, those long walks along the seashore [holding hands, of course], candlelight dinners, gifts, and the kind would follow. Life has its ways of giving you the best, things you always deserved but never got. It’s about being at the right place at the right time! Hopefully, this time the clock wouldn’t strike thirteen!

G wanted to talk to him, tell him how she felt every time she saw him [G was quite observant]. What if she told him how curious she was to know more about him? How would he react? Would he feel happy or would he be embarrassed? Generally, guys propose and girls dispose…:P.

G was gathering all the courage that was required to walk up to a stranger and talk to him. She was good at befriending strangers, surprisingly though! So…what should she tell him exactly? Her mind was brimming with all kinds of questions. Finally, she just got up from the chair. Erstwhile incidents would take care of everything!

As she took her first step towards him, something startled G. A lady just arrived at the place, and before G’s eyes could even blink, the guy and the lady hugged each other. G quietly sat back on her seat and took another sip. The drink was over.

“What took you so long to see me?” the guy spoke zealously, holding her hand. The lady explained her reason… at least that’s what G could make out from the gestures. After some time, they left. They looked quite cheerful.

Life moves on. G giggled.

Loop HF


There are these songs… that only the heart sings
… In hope that another heart will listen
And if the song needs to be sung umpteen times…some just keep doing that…
Hoping… some day … someone would respond


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