Saturday, July 08, 2006

Will To Survive

This is from the personal archives. From the engineering days, some thoughts have been scribbled on Microsoft Word :). Don't remember when it was exactly written :-? . Just thought of putting it up here ;;)
I can't remember what made me write this... :-/

Everyone wants to live a good life despite the fact that life is not a bed of thornless roses.There are so many challenges that we have to face every day, every minute, every second. Every moment we live teaches us something new, something unique, something amazing! I guess that's why we live rather than prefer to die.

But no, I am not sure that is the only reason behind our existence.There is this unknown desire or will to survive.
It's God's gift for sure else why would people, the depressed, the downtrodden live a miserable life rather than end it up.
No one wants misery. No one wants sadness. No one wants pain.
Yet even if these demons exist people try to cope up with it.
Here the will to survive comes into picture.

From ages, man has been an optimistic species. He has always fought against harsh conditions, right from Stone Age to today’s jet-age. No one knows what and where the source of his energy to fight against hostile situations comes from. May be man’s intelligence is the reason behind it. But than intelligence is also a gift of the unseen Creator.

May be our Creator wanted us to reap the benefits of his other creations, the beautiful (?) Earth and so He blessed us with this “Will To Survive” feeling.As long as will to survive exists, we are here to stay and enjoy (?) the nature.


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