Friday, June 16, 2006


NB: This is a totally observant post, no story, and no characters, just some watching.


“Oh...him. He’s quite a humorous guy!”
“Who…she? She’s very smart.”
“That group. They are an active lot.”

So many people…so many views!

Every individual has certain kind of reputation associated with him. How much are his actions responsible for the same can be a debatable question :).

With certain observations made, these are the following conclusions that can be jotted down:

1.Reputation is the general estimation that the public has for a person. So an individual has very less [rather, no] say in the reputation he carries. No matter how much an individual tries to make certain kind of reputation for him [let’s not deny this doesn’t happen], success rate of he getting the same is very low.

2.A person’s physical stature is strongly responsible for giving him certain kind of reputation.

3. Common first impressions also decide the kind of reputation one gets.

4. Not many people are happy with the kind of reputation they have. They always want to emerge “better” [it’s a relative term for sure] than what they are perceived as.

5. Very few people are aware of the actual reputation they have. [Yeah…you can giggle here. But chances are some one else might be giggling … remembering you of course :)]

6. Straightforward, frank people generally carry a reputation of being “too practical”, “kind of rude”. Caring people are sometimes called “emotional fools”. Simple people are considered to be “dumb”, ”not-so-practical”, ”stupid”, and “ambitionless”.
[Any more additions?]

7. One will never be able to live in peace if one worries too much about how others perceive him. Still most of the people keep worrying about the same :(.

I am with you…no matter where you go.
I shall accompany you…no matter from where you walk through.
I am a mirror that reflects you.
But the eyes that see the image are of the others around you!
I shall stay with you as long as you live.
And…I shall follow you to your deathbed too.



At Friday, June 16, 2006, Anonymous Archana said...

Having a good reputation is sure a plus :) But how good is good?? very relative indeed. One thing is for sure the Author has gained a reputation of being a 'good blogger' and every new blog is making the reputation even better :P keep going !!!

At Friday, June 16, 2006, Anonymous Modesto said...

My two cents:

- An individuals actions are responsible for his/her reputation. I dont see anything debatable on that.

1. One's reputation is built over a period of time. Hence it does to a large extent potrays what an individual is trying to potray. Now here the assumption is that "general estimation" means among the poeple with whom you interact on a daily basis. First impressions do contribute to a reputation but it sure changes with time(point 3).
2. Diagree. E.g: Gandhi, Hitler. Need I say more.
3. Diagree. They contribute to your reputation. But, like I said in (1) reputation is built over time. The overall personality is what matters. And to judge that you need to talk to the person atleast for 15 mins :-P.
4. To have a better reputation is entirely upto them.
5. Agree. But most have an idea atleast.They may not know what thier reputaion is w.r.t every person they know. But in general people do know.
6. They are interpretations of how people percieve these qualities of being straightforward, frank etc. etc. How many times have you thought of a person as rude during the first couple of meetings only to change that opinion on its head later. I for one have done that many times.
7. It helps one improve (#4) if one wants two.

At Saturday, June 17, 2006, Blogger Amrita said...

Archana - Thanx :D

Modesto - Hmm...the donor is an intellectual ;;)
Views too heavy for an average individual, thanx though :)

At Sunday, June 18, 2006, Blogger ThinShark said...

hmmm... yup, i agree... to a large extent :) and welcome back

At Monday, June 19, 2006, Anonymous Webber said...

reputation.. bah... not to worry.. if you are comfortable with yourself theres no need to worry about reputations n other crap...

1. in college days when most of us do crave for reputations.. yeah we do build something that we're not (most of us that is).
2. as soon as we go about our real lives (the professional ones).. a reputation takes a backseat and it is how you project yourselves over a period of time, your work , your conduct that builds your reputation. In such cases reputations are not the first sight ones.
3. A reputation is never permanent. It changes (good or bad) over a period of time. and as modesto said, to build a good rep is totally upto the person. A damage control exercise can change a bad rep to a good rep.

At Monday, June 19, 2006, Blogger Amrita said...

Thinshark - thanx :D ... the block just rolled off :P

Webber - Hmm...what's your name?
Comment is ok. Was wondering why you referred to professional life as "real" life...I am a believer that the early days of one's life is the foundation on which stands for the entire life.People have this attitude of taking teenage frivolously :(.
And yes...never think reputation can be changed - once a beggar, always one! Maybe the thing you ask for changes.
Man's basic nature never changes. This nature of his makes sure he retains that reputation which he gains. Tell me ... will you believe someone who has a reputation of being a liar...though you just met him in person for the first time. There is always this thought running somewhere in the brain - which tells you to be a bit cautious -that the person might cause you harm any time.
So...face it - reputation cannot be changed...I've seen ppl try hard doing success seen uptil now :|

At Monday, June 19, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

reputation is ever changing. some times reputaion has no meaning for anyone. When somebody is curious to be aware about his reputation then things gets automatically worse . so never try to show much more out of ur personality. More u will toward solitude, reputation decreases and when u will present falsly it will increase. TODAY human bein has no time to think for any other. My experience says what u will show that will decide ur reputation. My theory is believe on urself and what ur need says, u have to be like that. never worry about reputation. it is inversely proportional to trueness.
By Tarun maheshwari


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