Monday, July 17, 2006

The ‘Jaan’ Episode... :-j

Disclaimer: This post has been written in good will. Hopefully, it must be read in the same spirit. All the characters mentioned are real… the blogger is also not spared!
Foreword: The episode is partly fact, partly fiction. What is what…shall be revealed at the end! It is basically about 4 partners – P1, P2, P3 and P4. They are supposed to do some nerd kind of activity.
Why they chose it…shouldn’t be questioned.
After reading this piece, their intelligence shouldn’t be doubted. They were sincerely dumb.
“Jaan hasn’t replied back yet”, exclaimed P4!

A bit apprehensive of the slipping deadline, the clan knew everything would soon go haywire. Still trying to keep cool and trying to find out ways to save the skin of the entire gang, P4 kept mum.

P4’s mother happened to listen the ‘reply’ thing. She got worried and decided to stay there and do what was the need of the hour – eavesdropping!

Every one from the group wasn’t too spirited to gain something meaningful from the assignment. Besides usual points, P3 and P4 wanted to gain ‘knowledge’ from the entire effort. P3 was the unofficial boss…everyone listened what was suggested from the ‘simple’, ’straight-forward’ soul :) . P3 trusted P4’s intellect and let critical decisions come from the unofficial ‘analyst’. Too many things were unofficial…that’s what made the situation cryptic!

The family of all the four doers knew almost nothing about their undertaking. They believed their offsprings and gave them extended support. Wherever the 4 met for the discussions, meals where on that house.

Coming back to P4’s reply… everyone gave blank look to that amazing expression of worriment. They mostly couldn’t tune their antennas to the wavelength P4’s brain transmitted to. P4 mostly made their psyches go racking. They loved P4 for being over-enthused, or did P4 think otherwise!

If everybody's thinking alike, somebody isn't thinking.

Sipping the cold tea… P1 and P2 suggested they all be patient. Things would improve for bad, as they were already worse! P3 and P4 never sipped tea…they swallowed it down. They could tell when the clock struck 1600 hrs… their biological clock always raised an alarm then --- it went ‘tea-tea-tea-tea’.

“But Jaan shouldn’t keep us hanging yaar! Its high time we hear from him. ”… P1 uttered. The remaining Pn’s [where n=2 to 4] turned their heads towards the ‘scholar’. Hearing ‘Jaan’ again, the lady got panicked. What’s wrong with these people…these kids… these girls! Are they making some important…dangerous decisions on their own? Do the other parents know about ‘Jaan’? And… a single ‘Jaan’ is worrying them all. Poor weaklings…how do we help them out?

The lady decided to increase the monthly telephone bill. But before that she wanted to have a word with the ‘enfeebled’ clan. She entered the room.
“So darlings…how’s the assignment going on? Thought of asking you all. It’s been months you are working on it, right? Are you seeking help from someone…someone distant, precisely! Do you want to discuss something with me…maybe I could be of some help?” The bunch was startled with the sudden entry of the adored.

“No. Nothing much. We’ll sort it out. Don’t worry. “ … P1 and P2 comforted.

“Ok…my patience isn’t going to last any more dear. Who’s ‘Jaan’? Why are you all worried for him to reply? Is it something you want us…we elders to help you out in? Feel free…let me know. I promise to bring you out of whatever peril you have accidentally landed in, ok?”

The gang laughed out loudly. The lady was seated, made comfortable and the saga told to her. She was more than relieved. Wonder what pronunciations [pro-nun-see-a-shuns] can do!
Factoid: An email was sent to BS, as part of a project to know something related to garbage collection in C++. The senders received a helpful reply. BS… thanks a lot Sir!!! The group was more than happy to see the reply and all the help it gave them remains priceless!

Where the mind is without any worries…and the hand is busy typing on the keyboard…

Into the heaven of freedom my Father… let my intellect wander!



At Monday, July 17, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

quite decent...

At Tuesday, August 29, 2006, Blogger Sudeep said...

he he.. techie stuff can be harmful to some beings

liked the hints of sarcasm.. esp like what was the need of the hour – eavesdropping

i guess this post has been written a long time back.. hope to see updates soon here
tk care..

At Saturday, November 11, 2006, Anonymous Minu said...

Amudi...kya blog likha hain...mazaa aa gaya...seriously this one's a classic...loved it like anything!


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