Thursday, February 14, 2008

The valentine propose

!!!!! For my fiance :) !!!!!

For all these days, it was just another day
When the world grew all crazy, in some strange way!

They would gift diamonds
They wound send across flowers
Cheeks would turn crimson
And eyes would twinkle like stars!

But this time I sense something… so different and so strong
A winter of my life… that’s been unusually so warm

There has been this ingress
Of someone dear, someone special
And it has turned my routine life
Into an interesting tale


Just stand in front of the mirror
And meet that sweetheart of mine
The reason why I dream during the days
And stay awake at nights

Can you see that Beloved of mine?
Thinking of me right now…
Ah yes! Then that’s the reason
Why I look prettier than the flowers!

The million dollar smile
… You see on the face
Has just outshined all the glitter
… That was gifted in a case!


So on this special day
I’m going to ask for something precious
From the person whose reflection
Has given my life a new meaning

As blossoms grow and fade each day
And stones last forever
I want something from you O dear
That no one could regain ever

Just few moments from your busy thoughts
Is all I wish if I could get?

So will you be my valentine
And make me feel special?
Shared moments would eventually
Make our budding bond stronger :)


At Thursday, February 14, 2008, Blogger Nandita said...

Wow dee...!!!
Too good !!
Hope jiju likes it.. which m damn sure he will.... :)


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