Friday, April 29, 2005

To UNDERSTAND and to be understood

“I know… you never get what I mean…“ - sounds like a statement made by someone who is really angry and sad. It is not very rare that all of us, at some point or the other, speak such harsh words.

No matter whatever may be the reason we always expect others to understand us. It’s like “how can someone think like this about me “or “say such words behind my back” or “I never meant what you interpreted”.

But have you ever given a second thought to your conduct when you say such stuff. Not only do these words indicate lack of communication but also lack of trust. It’s very important to know that to be understood by someone, first you need to understand that person. Being self-centered is what you should avoid.

Relationships are about “give and take”. Have you ever pondered why don’t we say “take and give”. Every mother in the world “gives” unconditional love, that too, without expecting anything in return. But it is up to the child to “take” all the love and blessings and “give” back love and respect. See, here again the cycle ends in “give”.

The very fact that you can “give” somebody shows that you are an able person. It’s wonderful to be independent in life rather than depend on somebody for your existence. In the same way, it’s essential that you place yourself in someone else’s place and think from his/her perspective. If you even make a slightest effort to listen to your dear one, believe me you have made that person’s day.

So do recollect all the moments you repented in your life. Most of them were due to lack of understanding – be it a fight with your friend. Don’t you feel that if you had broken the ice and be the first one to say ‘sorry’ and, try to think on the same lines as he/she was thinking, things would have been better. Perhaps, the other person would accept the mistake (if at all that person was at fault) and thank you for understanding and handling the situation correctly.

Life is beautiful and not worth wasting even a single moment. Live it to the fullest and live it for others. So first understand so that you can be understood.

I look at flowers and ponder
They are so beautiful I wonder
I believe they teach us the great lesson
“He has given us life for a reason"

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Tete-A-Tete With SOUL

No one knows what future holds.
Yet I plan for years.
Every moment I worry about the future - about the unknown.
Past is gone, tomorrow has to come.
But Present is right now with me.

I hope for this, I crave for that.
It has been like this for years, I have been existing always – I have never died.
I have changed bodies, but have not changed my nature.
I plan a lot, I think a lot.
I am foresighted.
I always amaze myself, you and people around you, by proving my vision right.
But I am scared deep inside.
Scared of knowing all.
I want to relax. I want to breathe.
I want to err and seek care.
I want to sleep without the thoughts.
I want to seek ‘MOKSH’ as people say – coz I have been always, I want to sleep and never wake up.

I am your SOUL – I am your CONSCIENCE – I am your INNER VOICE.
You will also agree – I know when you are wrong
When you lie, I prick you.
You have tried a lot to listen to me – but remember the times you really did that.
If you hurt me, I hurt you back. But that’s not what I want.
I want to guide you, I want to see you rise.
I am myself clueless about my existence but want you to know yours.
I said..I think too much..I speak too much…I kill your silence every time, you know.
But I don’t know what I was created for.

My GOD sent me, but didn’t tell the reason why I have to exist.
I always wanted to know, but ‘what’ I don’t know.
I am too curious.
My GOD chose you this time as the place for me to reside.
So please bear me, please trust me.
I won’t harm you.
I am myself scared. I don’t know why I always say that.
In fact I have made you brave.
I have stood by you in tough times. I have guided you in making tough decisions. I love you but don’t know what’s the reason behind this.

Every time I change a body, I do the same.
I guide you but am looking for guidance.
I am with you but want someone to be there for me when I am lonely.

I know one has been too long I have been on earth.
I want to go back.
Back to my GOD.

HE wants me but HE is SELFLESS.
Every time I fight with him to give me ‘MOKSH’, HE convinces me that I am needed elsewhere.

But this time my GOD can’t win. I’ll attain success (in worldly terms) in the early age and ask him to call me back. I’ll argue about seeing it all and being good…hope he doesn’t trick me and send me again on earth the next time.

But I know my GOD. He will send me back...he wants me too exist...forever.
By sending me, HE wants to bless all people around me.
I’ll stay awake for all, while they doze off with their worries laid on my tender shoulders.
I’ll once again take care of them and do the same old thankless job.
I won’t cry pain nor will I complain.
I will do what my GOD wants me to do.
HE wants me to find the purpose of my being there.
HE wants me to find out the reason for LIFE.
HE wants me to make people around me happy.

I know what HE wants, HE knows I’ve achieved all – though in all the births I took.
But we share this ‘wordless’ speech – where in, HE tells me all, and I listen to him.
We need no words, we need no reasons.
We are friends – we trust each other, we need each other.