Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The child within

Innocent smile
Inquisitive mind
Innate stubbornness

The qualities with which
I was born


Respecting elders
Helping friends
Daily prayers

From childhood to this date
I am unchanged


Laughing out loud with people around
Crying alone
Trying to manage everything on my own

Living life
Within a shell


Nurturing dreams
Toiling to fulfill them
Soaking cheeks if something fails out

Believing more in me
Than the world around


Doing what I like
Without hurting anyone around
Freedom is all I strive for


Those young days
When I got what I want
Seem to exist lifelong


If ever I stumble
I get up, and dust off the knees
So that I can once again run vigorously to reach the post


No matter how much the world wants me to bow
Failing miserably every time it tries to does so
… As the child within refuses to grow!


Sunday, July 22, 2007

You are dispensable… yeah, very much!

You are not air, water or land. You are a human being.

You are a number – birth registration/social security, roll, or employee.

You have the right to opine. They will hear you while you try listening to your conscience.

You believe something doesn’t seem correct. Say it. Others may/may not agree with you.

There is too much at stake. Your voice is too meek to be heard in the chaos that has existed for years. So you just add to the noise and sit still. If your turn comes in future, grab it. If it doesn’t come at all, just leave when you feel it’s the right time.

Remember the world was always there. You came. You are breathing. You will leave. The world will continue to exist.